Emagiframe a Magento Solution

Let your customer create there dream frames with the help of Emagiframe, a Magento eCommerce picture framing solution. With our Magento custom software and Magento-Connect extension solution every detail is taken into account. The frame along with its mounts will protect and complement any fine print or work of art. Consumers can view configured mounts, there attributes, and select suitable glazing with matt options prior to check-out. And customers can also color coordinate there final frame image on our wall color pallets. Our Emagiframe product solution incorporates functions for shipping and fulfillment for prints, canvases, fabric, and metal prints products as well. Emagiframe has been crafted with Care!

Emagiframe's - Print and Canvas Solutions

With Emagiframe consumers can order Fine Art prints, Canvases and Metal prints and extend your offering and print on Fabric with our custom software. All of these options are available as functions within your Emagiframe online store. Our detailed order review is available after all the options are selected. And shipping is a breeze, we have taken care to incorporate functions from frame and mat processing, Metal finishing, Canvas stretching to drop shipping..

Emagiframe - A Magento Turnkey Picture Processing Solution

Emagiframe makes picture framing and image processing easy. With our friendly online ordering process, customers can choose any available print size, add a frame mat and glazing and check out. You can also chose to offer any reproduction image as canvas, fabric or metal prints to increase your sale options. Your customers can order as many products they chose to because drop shipping and order fulfillment is a breeze. And once all the selections are completed each item is calculated for its weight according to dimension and destination. So no hassle ordering is a huge plus with Emagiframe's order fulfillment options direct to you. Emagiframe has been crafted with you the Artist and or Business owner in mind.